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The DUKTUS group develops, manufactures and markets high-quality systems for the transport of water and the deep foundation of constructions - made of ductile cast iron. The "new" group has emerged from the German Buderus cast iron pipe technology in Wetzlar and the Tyrolean pipes and metal works in Hall, Austria, as described in detail on the website DUKTUS: http://www.duktus.com.


We had the opportunity to assist DUKTUS in a very difficult and challenging but therefore also extremely interesting phase. Our role was to develop a comprehensive approach to leadership development within the "new" group and to carry out the following:


Leadership development, with the following topics:

  • A group in transition: Hafelekar took over the overall design and organization of various training sessions.
  • The Board has been actively involved in the initial phase of the project.
  • In the implementation phase 8 days of outdoor workout were conducted which were found - by all participants - to be particularly successful
  • In addition to management seminars, individual coaching sessions were conducted
  • For the Executive Update specific recommendations were developed and presented in a group-wide closing.




Project duration
June 2009 to February 2010



analysis of customer satisfaction



Since 2010 we assist PRINOTH, the leading manufacturer of snow groomers. A major strength of the company is the constant work on the highest possible customer orientation in terms of product development, service and support. The respective processes are presented in detail on the website http://www.prinoth.com. PRINOTH emphasizes the company's vision to set new standards through continuous innovation and places great emphasis on excellent service networks.


Our role is to support PRINOTH in the measurement of customer satisfaction and, after evaluation of the results, to propose concrete recommendations for action.


Analysis of customer satisfaction, with the following topics:

  • Based on the PRINOTH vision and corporate objectives for the coming years, an initial analysis was performed by Hafelekar.
  • Together with PRINOTH then were also discussed possible targets to incorporate them into the set of questions of the customer satisfaction analysis.
  • PRINOTH has a very international clientele. Therefore, great emphasis was placed on a detailed schedule.
  • We also supported the project through our many years organizational know-how.
  • The evaluations in the field of customer satisfaction are by nature very complex, since there are many different topics to be included and make comparable.
  • Again, this survey concluded with the discussion on concrete areas of action.



Project duration

2009 and 2012 (follow-up project under implementation)



trainings for executive



We have been working since 2008 on a regular basis together with Leitner Technologies, a global specialist in ropeway engineering. The Leitner Group sets great value on staff development processes, as described in detail in the organizational and management model and the internal code of ethics on the company's website http://www.leitner-lifts.com.


Our role is it to assist LEITNER Technologies mainly in two areas which are built upon each other.


1. surveys of staff, with the following topics:

  • The surveys are aimed at all staff across the country and are conducted anonymously (either electronically or in paper form). - There is enough room for your own opinions and statement. In the course of the analysis key statements will be worked out for the management.
  • Detailed analysis of results
  • Development of an overall assessment
  • Proposal on possible areas of action


2. Training for managers – here are some examples:

  • Fundamentals of management of employees - Building workshops led by staff
  • Successful conducting of staff dialogues
  • Conflict management in the company
  • and more workshops catered to LEITNER Technologies


LEITNER Technologies

Project duration
Staff surveys 2008 and 2011

Annual Training 2008-2012

Trainers (languages GE/IT) from the Hafelekar network


RLB Staff surveys

In 2004, we have conducted, for the Raiffeisen-Landesbank Tirol, the first survey of all employees. 



The RLB places emphasis on staff development processes, as described on the website http://www.rlb-tirol.at. Central themes include the development of individual career paths that offer education and training (internal / external), a large range of seminars for employees and a steady expansion of activities that contribute to staff satisfaction.


Our role hereby is to support RLB in the measurement of staff satisfaction:


Staff surveys, with the following topics:

  • The surveys were directed at selected enterprise areas and were conducted anonymously in electronic form.
  • The respective set of questions was adapted to the specific needs.
  • The flow chart - important for any successful survey - was worked out in great detail.
  • The evaluations were very extensive: from the analysis and evaluation of certain questions of detail to a comprehensive overall assessment.
  • Finally, potential areas of action were discussed with the management.


Hafelekar was responsible for the technical implementation of the survey.


Raiffeisen Landesbank Tirol AG

Project duration

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Sample Projects


Here you find a selection of our completed projects in consulting.


LEITNER trainings for executive

2008 to 2012 - Leitner Group

Management training and staff surveys

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RLB Staff surveys

2004 to 2009 - Raiffeisen Landesbank Tirol AG
Staff surveys

more information



PRINOTH analysis of customer satisfaction

2009 to 2011 - Prinoth GmbH

Customer surveys

more information



DUKTUS leadership development

2010-2011 DUKTUS (formerly Buderus)

Management training

more information



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