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The aim of EVLAC project was to develop new learning materials that focus on the construction industry and that refer to everyday work issues and to working mentalities in Turkey, Greece, Austria and Great Britain. The main focus was on learning and teaching methods for Turkish, Greek, German and English language. Target groups of the project are mainly construction industry professionals, civil engineers, architects as well as students of these areas of studies.


The main task of the participating organisations of the project was the collection of audio, audio/visual and written authentic materials regarding the construction industry (culture) and the presentation in a digital media format. In order to disseminate the results a website was developed during the project to pass the material on to the target groups. In the long run, this project should not only enhance language skills, but also raise awareness of working cultures in the European construction industry.


Results and milestones

  • Development of a language course dealing with construction industry in four languages
  • Project website and DVD to publish the language course in Turkish, Greek, German and English


Hafelekar was in charge of the whole treatment of the German part. This contained an extensive material research as well as any examination tasks and the distribution of DVDs to institutions.


Project website



Project period 

December 2007 until November 2009 



Mustafa Kemal Üniversitesi, Antakya/Hatay, Turkey, www.mku.edu.tr

Ethniko Metsobio Politechnio - National Technical University of Athens, Greece, www.ntua.gr/en  

University of Leicester, Great Britain,  www2.le.ac.uk

OMZE İnşaat - OMZE Construction, Antakya/Hatay, Turkey,  www.omze.com.tr   



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