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Sheltered workshops Vomp/Schwaz

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The protected workshop Vomp / Schwaz GmbH planned to establish a subsidiary plant in order to create jobs for people with disabilities. The Hafelekar Consultancy was commissioned to raise by a quantitative and qualitative need for study in advance whether the target group is large enough for it.


Therefore, in a first baseline study, the following steps were undertaken:

  • Written survey of 86 villages
  • Data collection at the Federal Social Welfare Office Tyrol
  • Data collection at the Employment Service
  • Guideline-based Expert Interviews with experts from the AMS, BOD, social counseling and job assistance, land

Built on the latter, a qualitative study was developed based on the following dates:

  • Written survey of 200 people with disabilities in the country districts of Innsbruck, Imst, Landeck and Reutte
  • Written survey of 150 people - who have come as a target group in question
  • Telephone interviews with 33 selected individuals who have responded to the written survey and possible interest could be seen at a job.



Sheltered workshop Vomp / Schwaz


Project period




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