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The DUKTUS group develops, manufactures and markets high-quality systems for the transport of water and the deep foundation of constructions - made of ductile cast iron. The "new" group has emerged from the German Buderus cast iron pipe technology in Wetzlar and the Tyrolean pipes and metal works in Hall, Austria, as described in detail on the website DUKTUS: http://www.duktus.com.


We had the opportunity to assist DUKTUS in a very difficult and challenging but therefore also extremely interesting phase. Our role was to develop a comprehensive approach to leadership development within the "new" group and to carry out the following:


Leadership development, with the following topics:

  • A group in transition: Hafelekar took over the overall design and organization of various training sessions.
  • The Board has been actively involved in the initial phase of the project.
  • In the implementation phase 8 days of outdoor workout were conducted which were found - by all participants - to be particularly successful
  • In addition to management seminars, individual coaching sessions were conducted
  • For the Executive Update specific recommendations were developed and presented in a group-wide closing.




Project duration
June 2009 to February 2010

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