pub gabek vPaul Schober, Josef Zelger, Margit Raich, (Eds.):

GABEK  V  -  Values in Organisations and Society.

GABEK  V  -  Werte in Organisationen und Gesellschaft.

Innsbruck, Wien, Bozen: Studienverlag 2012


ISBN: 978-3-7065-5083-3; 400 Seiten; EUR 41,90





Short description

The GABEK ® Volume V summarizes applications of the method that have been reported in the VIII International GABEK Symposium in Sterzing


In this anthology, GABEK projects are described, in which valuations of the affected people are reflected. This involves an invitation to a dialogue on values, goals and opportunities for development of individuals, as well as of different organizations.


The importance of such dialogue has lead to the development of new tools within the software WinRelan®, created for GABEK®. These tools that represent values and goals allow for a comparison and interpretation of rating systems and for the weighting of values and goals.


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