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WoMen - equality between women and men on the ICT labor market


The main objective of the development partnership is to encourage men and women in a more balanced gender distribution of the ICT labor market in the Tyrol. This will happen through awareness-raising activities, by identifying strategies and the development of specific instruments.



The measures are:


At the beginning of the project Hafelekar created a large-scale baseline study, using the method GABEK, which forms the basis for further activities. Hafelekar was further responsible for public relations and dissemination of the products.


Project duration

October 2002 to September 2005



Land Tirol - Innsbruck (Austria)

BFI Tirol - Innsbruck (Austria)

Zukunftszentrum Tirol - Innsbruck (Austria)

Wirtschaftskammer Tirol - Innsbruck (Austria)

Arbeiterkammer Tirol - Innsbruck (Austria)  

Arbeitsmarktservice Tirol - Innsbruck (Austria)

ibis acam - Innsbruck (Austria)

KAOS Bildungsservice gGmbH - Innsbruck (Austria)



Supported by funds from the European Social Fund (ESF)

and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture

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