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We focus on innovation management, we know what is needed for the realization of ideas and we offer orientation in the subsidies system.


Under the motto "Our way to proper funding," we offer you our support in order to jointly check out whether your project can be supported. If so, we show you the way from the first briefing, over the analysis of your project to the research of the best possible support.

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We have been advising people for over ten years, engaged in technology innovation and development projects. Successful projects of this type begin with competent and reliable partners. Talk to us. We accompany you from the support check on project development to actual implementation phase.

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Bring innovations into practice! This is a very complex issue in which we ourselves "slipped" in by our work in the funding advice. Although not even invented by us, it is a sound aproach! Over the years we have built an industry-independent know-how that we are happy to share with you.

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"The secret of success is constancy of purpose". (Genjamin Disreli). In the ever-changing path of the project idea through various stages of implementation to the achievement of the most sustainable results possible, a practical and clearly defined goal has a unifying effect on a reliable project partnership!

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