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We combine competence in many areas to a broad spectrum of services.




Bring NEW ITEMS into practice! Honestly spoken, this a very complex issue which we ourselves "slipped" in through our funding consultation activities over the years. So we have built up a non sector-specific know-how that we are happy to share with you.

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We see the survey of employees as a tool to better manage your business. The knowledge and the attitude of your employees are key success factors. But there are many more reasons for involving employees very actively.

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Prospective managers are faced with the challenge of detaching themselves from specialised tasks and to grow into management positions. Not an easy task! Hereby it is a crucial factor of success that leaders develop a good sense for “leading with objectives” and learn to recognize and make use of the potential of their employees.

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It is not an easy task to find out what the state of satisfaction of your customers is about: your customers should not be "bothered” by constant questions, the - sometimes - very sensitive data should be well protected and a very sophisticated analysis strategy is required. We support you use of our years of experience.

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