RLB Staff surveys

In 2004, we have conducted, for the Raiffeisen-Landesbank Tirol, the first survey of all employees. 



The RLB places emphasis on staff development processes, as described on the website http://www.rlb-tirol.at. Central themes include the development of individual career paths that offer education and training (internal / external), a large range of seminars for employees and a steady expansion of activities that contribute to staff satisfaction.


Our role hereby is to support RLB in the measurement of staff satisfaction:


Staff surveys, with the following topics:

  • The surveys were directed at selected enterprise areas and were conducted anonymously in electronic form.
  • The respective set of questions was adapted to the specific needs.
  • The flow chart - important for any successful survey - was worked out in great detail.
  • The evaluations were very extensive: from the analysis and evaluation of certain questions of detail to a comprehensive overall assessment.
  • Finally, potential areas of action were discussed with the management.


Hafelekar was responsible for the technical implementation of the survey.


Raiffeisen Landesbank Tirol AG

Project duration

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